Leyton Orient Supporters Club

E10 5NF 


Scandinavian Branch

The club was formed in August 1997, mostly thanks to Lars Björn in Helsingborg. With some help from Martin P. Smith and his Leyton Orient Pen Pals organisation, Lars was able to "track down" some more Orient supporters on Swedish soil to launch the first ever Swedish supporters club. Shortly after, we were accepted as the official Leyton Orient Supporters Club - The Swedish Branch.


Time went by, and we received members from all of Scandinavia, so we had to skip the Swedish identity, and became the Leyton Orient Supporters Club Scandinavian Branch.


The club is today mainly internet-based, and is run by Lars Björn, the founder, and Tron E. Enger, webmaster.


David Dodd, LOSC Chairman, wrote:


"As confirmed, we are delighted that you and your friends in Sweden are prepared to establish an O´s Supporters Club in your country and we wish you well in your efforts and hope that you can attract more and more members in the years ahead".


The Club has, as it's first priority, to support Leyton Orient FC in a respectful and non-violent way. It is up to the Club's individual members how to express their support.


The Club has no Chairman or Board, instead we have a group of 1-4 persons in charge of producing and distributing information. The Club intends to release newsletters and information at least 5 times a year. This information is based on media like newspapers, internet, databases, fanzines and other relevant sources.


Besides our members in Scandinavia we accept members from other parts of the world who want to join.


The Leyton Orient Supporters Club, Scandinavia is a member of SBF in Norway (Supporter Union for British Football Clubs).