Leyton Orient Supporters Club

E10 5NF 


Tony Roome contd


What would you change about Leyton Orient FC?  

I’d like a little more money about the place, though just enough to be able to pay up to around 200k for players – I don’t want to do a Fulham – I hate the premier league.


When did you join the Supporters Club Committee?  

When I retired from full time work.


………… why? 

 I’d always enjoyed being in the Club. We used to come as a group – me and a friend and our kids (five of us in all), and the visit to the Club beforehand meant an opportunity for a couple of decent pints. I thought it would be good to put something back – and trying to keep the Club moving forward (and raising money for the FC) seemed a worthwhile objective.


What’s best about being a Committee member?  

The complements you get for doing a good job behind the bar – most away fans are impressed and a lot go out of their way to tell us so. That, and the camaraderie amongst the Committee – you have to be friends with everyone to work the way we do behind the bar!


Who’s the joker on the Committee?  

Depends how you define a joke ........ Tim certainly has the worst jokes.