Star Man Results

Votes for your Star Man (Man of the Match) are taken in the Supporters Club and are collated after each home game.

Throughout the season there is an award for Player of the Month and at the end of the season your Star Man is awarded. The results of which are shown below.

If you are interested in attending the Star Man Awards Dinner at the end of the season where the presentation is made then get in touch via Events on the Contact Us page.

April 2024
22 Galbraith
Ethan Galbraith
March 2024
Shaq Forde
Shaq Forde
February 2024
21 O'Neill
Ollie O'Neill
January 2024
7 Agyei
Dan Agyei
December 2023
19 Beckles
Omar Beckles
November 2023
11 Archibald
Theo Archibald
October 2023
8 Brown
Jordan Brown
September 2023
22 Galbraith
Ethan Galbraith
August 2023
15 El Mizouni
Idris El Mizouni
March 2023
Sweeney 24
Jayden Sweeney
February 2023
El Mizouni 15
Idris El Mizouni
January 2023
Thompson 6
Adam Thompson