LOSC Donation for Academy Mini Bus

losc donation mini bus
17th November 2019

In the tradition of making useful financial input to the O’s the Supporters Club last week gave a £6000 donation to cover the cost of a major overhaul, MOT and insurance of an LOFC Academy mini-bus.

Lewis Spencer, Academy Manager, said: “We are very grateful for the support of the Supporters Club to help facilitate the repair of our minibus. It is essential that our players are able to travel to games in an organised and safe manner and this will allow us to continue to offer that capability.”

O’s Vice-Chairman and Principal investor Kent Teague added “David, we really appreciate all the continued support from the Supporters Club. No doubt LOFC has the best Supporters Club in the UK and is one of the reasons LOFC is such a great Club. Best, Kent”

David Dodd said I should like to thank members for their on going loyalty to LOSC and our hard working committee for helping to make these donations possible.